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Committed to You

BLC Construction LLC is your reliable roofing service contractor - whether it’s a large or small project. Our knowledgeable team understands every roof condition, so we treat every project with the same effort. Our team works as part of your family. Because we’re dealing with your home, we guarantee you a well-protected home, through our roofing process. Our professional team understands all the materials that you want to use for your roof. We recommend you the best product without compromising your budget. With the number of options we have, you’ll get the perfect solution for your home. When you hire us, we ensure that you get the warmth and protection you need in any season.

The BLC process

Meet & Educational Process                                                                                                

One of our expert team members will meet with you to set expectations and educate you on the process, who we are, and what we do.


Roof Inspection                                                                                                                                                     We inspect both the exterior, and interior of your roof, and capture lots of photos of the damage.


Identify Damage & Present Solution                                                                                

Using the photos, we explain what the storm damage has done to your property, and provide various solutions to you.


Meet Your Insurance Company                                                                                                 

We meet your adjuster at your property to ensure that no damage goes unnoticed.

Review Scope & Get to Work                                                                                                            Last, but not least, we review the scope together, reach an agreement, and then get to work restoring your roof!

Join our Satisfied Family                                                                                                                      Now you’re a part of our highly satisfied BLC roofing family that we love to serve every day!

Roof Shingles


BLC Construction guarantees a well-coordinated project from start to finish. You’ll never experience a communication hiccup that delays the process. Our team comes on time and we always meet our schedule. If we find roadblocks during the project, we’ll let you know. It increases the chance of keeping the plans and quotes that we agreed from day one. To maintain an undisrupted communication, we keep our lines open. You can call us now and test how responsive we are.

The clean up guarantee

We care for and protect your space.

We leave your space better than we found it

We tarp everything to protect your flowers, yard, pool, etc.

We use magnetic rollers at the end of the day to ensure that every nail that comes off your roof comes home with us.

We walk through together at the end of the insallation to make sure you’re happy with the clean up job