who we are

Our philosophy is first and foremost realizing the value in every relationship that we encounter, Be it a current customer, a potential customer, a friend, or a family member.  We value you as a person and we respect your investment in your home, an expression of who you are.  The BLC culture is pillared on our faith, our family, and our work ethic.  We will always acknowledge how we got here, who helped us along the way, and how we will always push forward.  at BLC we are repairing the past and building the future.


Faith. Family. Hard Work.


Jimmy Snyder

Founder & CEO

in 2015 jimmy was helping friends and family members complete general construction projects on their homes for no profit.  he enjoyed helping, and he enjoyed learning. after realizing the business opportunity, he decided to jump right in and founded blc construction LLC.  he specializes in general construction management and wearing cowboy hats. he is a Texas native and currently resides in prosper with his wife bailey, his Son jimmy, and his daughter, Rylee.  He enjoys camping with family and friends, fishing.